Corbyn and AS

I don’t think Corbyn is necessarily an actual Antisemite himself, at least not intentionally. But he is an apologist, enabler, and sympathiser of antisemites and antisemitism.

The list of things Corbyn has said and done, seen in this Twitter thread led to the subtle, insidious undertones of antisemitism within the Labour party – where, just as Nigel Farage’s views attracted right-wing racists to UKIP, Corbyn’s views attracted left-wing antisemites to Labour. As can be seen in this thread of 125 Labour *officials* (not just members).

Whilst some of those have been punished, it took a lot of pressure in each case, and many went unpunished. There was zero action on a lot of them. In fact, new candidates were still being fielded by Labour to become councillors even *after* their antisemitism had been highlighted to the party.

Corbyn’s apologies were always caveated, and downplayed the issues, whilst his army on Twitter were outright denying them and calling it all a media smear… That makes it much worse.

When 85% of a minority group (polled with sample size well within the acceptable margin for error) raises a concern about this, it’s not okay to just tell those people what they are experiencing is not real and that they’re being misled by the media – that wouldn’t happen if it were another race.

The EHRC requires a significant standard of evidence to even begin an investigation – add to the the anecdotal evidence of whistleblowers, the MPs that left over it, and more. It’s clear the scale of the problem is much larger than Labour accepted, and downplaying it was making it worse.

I am myself critical of Israeli government policy… I do not think they should not be building outside of the 1967 borders, and I feel they respond to attacks disproportionately, for example. But Corbyn and much of his following have an obsession with Israel, bringing it up incessantly, bringing it into everything… blaming it for everything, including things it has nothing to do with. And it doesn’t stop there – Israel’s very existence is constantly in question by these people. To believe the world’s *only* Jewish state has no right to exist is unarguably antisemitic, and ignores all of the nuances and complexities of the situation, its history and the people impacted. For a political leader to have said as much on TV is troubling – let alone to say so on Press TV, the national propaganda station of the deeply antisemitic Iranian government, that also funds Hamas… Who’s openly stated goal is to destroy Israel AND kill all Jews around the world (see the Hamas Charter). Corbyn was paid £20k by the oppressive regime of Iran to appear on Press TV.

As you’re likely aware, being Jewish is both a religion and an ethnicity. My ancestry traces back to the Ashkenazi tribe. Hamas therefore openly calls for the death of my children (a two and four year old), and would celebrate it… Based on lineage from thousands of years ago. Corbyn has allied himself with those people, when he should have been recognising the issue as a complex one, and trying to heal the rift between the two sides.

Here is what JLM submitted to the EHRC. People will fire back with stuff from JVL – but JVL was set up specifically by anti-zionists to defend Corbyn. Have a look into who is behind JVL, and the things they have said and done.

Corbyn has cultivated a problem. There are a new generation of people obsessed with the Israel Palestine question, who learned about it within a bubble, and therefore with an ‘anchoring bias’… They are not aware of the nuances and complexities of it, just seeing the situation as oppressor/oppressed, good guys and bad guys. This has led to a rise in general antisemitism in the UK, from the left.

For instance, most of those I debate with on this subject just think Jews invaded Palestine and stole their land. But that is not true at all. Again, Israel should not be building outside of the 1967 borders, and that, as far as I am concerned *is* land theft. But questioning whether Israel has the right to exist as a nation, is darkly anti-Semitic when you consider why it exists, and that actually it has always existed… It just wasn’t recognised due to successive empires invading the area and keeping on kicking the Jews out – so when borders were being drawn up through history, Israel kept not getting a chance for their borders to be drawn even though they were always there.

Here is a brief history of Israel’s existence, showing that it was always there – just not recognised with official borders until after WW2 – just as other nations which didn’t used to officially exist, which is all of them at varying points in time.

And if you’re not sure where you stand on the question of Israeli existence, here is a short read from a secular perspective.