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Jess’ blog post that made me realise I was being reactionary, and misperceiving her.


David Baddiel’s book Jews Don’t Count

I have found it quite frustrating, that the term has been hijacked and used against us… before quitting Twitter (X) I would regularly come across people who would tell me and lots of other Jews ‘what Zionism means’, as if it were there term to define, to decide what it means to us, for us.

How the Word “Zionist” Functions in Antisemitic Vocabulary


90% of Jews support Israel’s right to exist (making them Zionists) but criticise Israel.












Rise in AS














Not a fan of Spiked as a source but good explanation on this article as to how the chant may mean something more reasonable to some using, but to Hamas and Hezbollah it means violence against Jews, and that should be enough…

Chant is in Hamas charter

Fatah under Arafat distanced itself from the chant, disowning it because of what they knew it meant

Chant used during violence against Jews

I felt there was victim blaming in Daniel Mate’s video, saying stuff like ‘the partygoers were too close to Gaza’, etc…

Screen shots of the guest’s social media comments, likes, shares, etc… include:

  • Rejection of Israel’s right to exist
  • Conspiracy theories re ‘Zionist Lobby’ control of things
  • Praise of someone who ripped down hostage posters
  • River to Sea chant sharing
  • Comparisons to Nazis
  • Rejection of IHRA definition
  • Equating Jewish history of the area to same as Christian history, denying indigenous
  • Speaking of Israel needing to be relocated
  • Sharing about ‘who cares where they go, not our problem’ when Israel taken over
  • Saying Zionism is a racist ideology, and that discriminations against Zionists isn’t like that of discrimination against sexuality because it’s what you believe not what you are
  • Implication that Zionists are going to steal land in Australia
  • Praising Khader Adnan
  • Spreading the lie about forced sterilization of Ethiopian women https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-big-lie-involuntary-sterilization-of-black-ethiopian-women/
  • References to ‘Zionist Entity’ , the Iranian regime descriptor adopted by Hamas, Saddam, etc… https://rb.gy/h2nbl2
  • Claim that you can’t be anti-racist if not antizionist (I have a Pakistani wife and mixed race children, yet I am told I cannot be anti-racist?)
  • Questioning whether Hamas should be listed as a terrorist org
  • 2013 saying Hamas should stop executions (of Palestinians) but its whataboutery in 2022 if someone challenges Hamas’ terrorism against Jews
  • Joining a bullying pile-on of a Jew (Mayim Bialik) that is simply stating she’s grieving from the attack
  • Downplaying, denying antisemitism, calling it inflated or fabricated, or Hasbarah
  • Making jokes about a widow’s husband’s name, who was just murdered on 7th Oct
  • Implying Hamas is only a terror org because ‘Shimon [Peres?] says’
  • Sharing that AS is really just Jews being uncomfy when exposed to protest
  • Saying what Hamas did on 7th Oct had heroism and horror
  • Apologism for Hamas, saying they have provocation for what they do
  • Making jokes about celebs signing a letter for the release of the hostages… just like celebs did for a ceasefire, but only one is supposedly funny for being ineffectual